14th Feb 2013. Carey Island, Selangor. The Puja Pantai Celebration is an annual ritual of the Malaysian Mah Meri tribe to appease the spirits of the sea. They are the decendants of seaferers who lived through fishing and trading.
The 'Poyang' leading the tribes way towards the location of the ceremony.
The Poyang inspects the shrine before performing the ritual.
A shaman in a trance state performs the ritual while tribe members playing musical instruments in the background.
A member of the indegenous tribe in a trance state, believed to be possess by the spirit of their ancestors.
The Poyang on top of the shrine performing the ritual to appease the spirits of the sea.
A tribe member holding up a mask called 'Moyang Bajus', poses for the camera before joining the ritual.
Tribe dancers.

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